Sewer and Water Connections

With the growing infrastructure improvements all over Canada, many homeowners are required to decommission their septic systems and connect to municipal sewers and water supply.   At HCL we have always done our own projects' municipal connections.  With the growing need for this service HCL has created a crew dedicated strictly to this type of work.  We have installed hundreds of sewer connections and have gained a reputation second to none.  Our services include:

  • All locates, permits and inspections
  • Pumping and decommissioning of septic tanks
  • All plumbing, including new 3 pc baths if desired
  • All excavation including trenchless abilities
  • Remove and replace concrete if necessary
  • Final cleanup including sod if desired

In many circumstances, homeowner may not even need to be home for us to complete the work. 

Septic System Design and Install

Since the 1970's HCL has been installing septic systems, dry wells, and storm water management systems.  When researching septic systems, you will find that a number of different designs and products will work for a number of different situations.  With over 35 years in the business, HCL has the ability to provide you with the right product and solution for your specific situation.  Call us today for a free quote.

Fine Grading

With our experience through the installation of over 500,000 rolls of sod, HCL knows the importance of maintaining conformity with the engineered grade plans.  Not only for legal and municipal purposes, but also to allow positive drainage away from structures.  If a swale is obstructed or depression is left around a foundation, catastrophic damages could occur to the structure and its contents.  There are two main factors to remember when choosing your grading contractor.

  1. What type of equipment does the contractor use?

Some contrators use big excavators that do not have the abiltiy to properly grade in tight areas like swales.  They also have the potential to crack foundations or damage sidewalks and driveways.  In addition to this, topsoil that is placed with an excavator has to settle or be packed and then topped up again.  All of this can be costly.

HCL uses all compact equipment: tracked skid steer, tractor with 3pth hitch implements, backhoe and mini excavator.  Our most important tools, however, are our shovels and rakes.  Our ability to get off the equipment when necessary is what sets our work apart from the competition.


     2.What is the final goal for your final grading?

When you are responsible for ensuring the grades are correct and that sod or seed is planted or pavers installed, why would you hire more than one contractor?  When you hire HCL to final grade and complete your project, whether it is topsoil and sod or gravel and pavers, we will guarantee the grades to pass an engineers inspection.  Call us for a free quote!


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